Online classroom and digital initiatives for promoting Iberian Renaissance Polyphony

Access a large amount of educational and informative material to enhance your musical education. All content revolves around Iberian Renaissance Polyphony, a repertoire that Cantoría has specialized in since its inception

Virtual Choir 2021

CORO VIRTUAL 2021 - sus sus sus

In 2021, Cantoría premiered its first Virtual Choir with the performance of one of the most emblematic pieces from the vocal ensemble’s repertoire, the 16th-century carol ‘Sus, sus, sus’ (excerpt from ‘La Trulla’) by Bartomeu Cárceres.

Virtual Choir 2024

In 2024, we will carry out the second Virtual Choir created by Cantoría with the performance of one of Juan del Encina‘s most representative pieces: ‘Oy comamos y bebamos’

The Participatory Choir is an activity in which international choirs can prepare a program alongside Cantoría.

It is intended for organizers who hire it in addition to the contract so that their choirs can receive educational preparation and perform alongside Cantoría.